Protect your key data and files

Disasters, they come in the form of natural and human causes - from flood and fire to server crashes and theft. Either way, you could lose everything you’ve worked hard to achieve if you don’t take proper measures to secure your vital business data. Our solutions have you covered.

We tailor backup solutions to preserve corporate data, minimize damage, and ensure that your company will be fully operational both during and after disaster strikes.

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions

  • Data redundancy - we provide a backup of your backups

  • Fast recovery - get your business back on its feet fast

  • Offsite storage - store backups in a remote and secure data center

  • Built-in retention policies - comprehensive solutions that allow you to stay compliant

We partner with the leaders in the technology industry to provide you with enterprise-level backup solutions. What’s more, our backup services come with an all-inclusive fee, so you don’t have to worry about hidden and additional costs that might burn a hole in your budget.

IT Consulting

Professional IT consultants at your service

One of the most important decisions you have to make as a business owner is choosing the right technology to support your business growth. But with numerous providers out there, how do you source for the technologies that best fit your requirements? IT Network Specialists’ IT Consulting services can help develop solutions that meet your real business challenges.

IT Network Specialists’ consultants combine business acumen with IT expertise to come up with the best solutions to help you cut expenses and gain more return on your technology investment.

Our IT Consulting services can provide you with:

  • Strategic planning - based on best practices and industry standards

  • Technology setup - we equip your business with best-in-class infrastructure

  • Full support - from planning to implementation, management and maintenance

IT Network Specialists’ IT Consulting services enable you to make informed decisions to adopt a technology strategy that aligns with your business requirements and goals. Don’t waste your time and money on IT resources you don’t need. Count on us to help you make the right decisions in your technology investment.

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