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Telephony with enterprise-level capabilities

Landlines were once the primary option when it came to telephones. But now VoIP technology is a great solution for businesses looking to take the next step. You need access to advanced communication systems if you are to stay competitive in today’s aggressive business environment. And that’s where IT Network Specialists’ VoIP solutions come in.

Replace your traditional phone systems with cutting edge VoIP solutions from IT Network Specialists and make the most of your communication investments.


VoIP solutions

  • Flexible - make and take phone calls in remote locations via a laptop

  • Reliable - we monitor your hosted systems 24/7

  • Easy to use - simple and easily understandable user interfaces

  • Economical - slash telecommunication costs by avoiding setup and management fees

  • Whether you’re looking to start a video conference or make overseas phone calls, you can achieve this and more with our VoIP solutions.

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